Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of lawyer do you need?

And do you even need a lawyer?

NOTE - This post is not legal advice and does not create an attorney-client relationship.  Check out our Contact page if you would like to schedule a consultation with an attorney at Kennedy Art Law, P.C.

What is a "techtainment" lawyer?

Technology + Entertainment = Techtainment. This term merely recognizes the impact that technology is having on the entertainment industry, and the impact that media is having on e-commerce. Kennedy Art Law thrives in this new legal frontier. 

An "entertainment lawyer" regularly counsels clients on legal matters in creative industries or endeavors. Kennedy Art Law helps our clients safely navigate the complex issues created by the competing interests of business and intellectual property law. These issues may involve intellectual property law (trademarks, copyrights, licensing), business law (entity formation and management), contract law (review, drafting, negotiation), employment/labor law, and tax law. 

When do I need to involve a lawyer?

You should consult a lawyer as early in the process as possible. Why? For example, if you are dealing with an intellectual property issue, a lawyer can conduct proper and thorough research. If you are dealing with other people, a lawyer can make sure the appropriate contracts are in place to protect you and/or your project. At Kennedy Art Law, we believe in preventing problems through proper planning. 

Why do I need a lawyer who is also an creator and entrepreneur?

Your creativity, hustle, and hard work make you successful. If your lawyer doesn't understand your mindset and daily problems, then you could be left vulnerable to lurking legal issues. You need a lawyer like Michelle Kennedy. Ms. Kennedy makes it a point to further hone her legal knowledge and practical industry experience by actively pursuing her own creative endeavors and businesses. She knows how creators and entrepreneurs think and work, and she has the legal training and practical business experience to protect you. You can trust Kennedy Art Law to proactively protect your legal interests while respecting your creative process. 

Why do I want a millennial lawyer?

Technology is the future of entertainment and it is the backbone of e-commerce. New platforms and updates are coming out every few months: Facebook (and FacebookLive), Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, Vine, Snapchat, and Periscope, etc. A millennial lawyer like Michelle Kennedy has a sophisticated understanding of new and emerging technologies -- how to use new technologies, how to monetize, and how to protect clients with never-before-seen legal issues. 

The Kennedy Art Law team understands the practical implications of branding and authenticity that make influencers and innovators successful. We also help our clients avoid legal pitfalls with emerging technologies and provide our clients unparalleled, extremely valuable first-hand social media strategies. 

Why do I need a lawyer when I can get DIY help online?

Do-it-yourself options make you vulnerable and susceptible to online scams. 

  • Forms available on the internet are generally too vague to be useful, they may outright fail to cover key contractual points, and they may not even have been prepared by a licensed attorney. Worse, they might include terms that actually hurt you, causing more problems and expenses in the future.
  • DIY legal resource companies (e.g., LegalZoom or Nolo) may provide some helpful information for getting a baseline education on a topic. However, their services are generally not rendered by experienced, licensed attorneys, and they are not intended as substitutes for formal legal advice given by a trained attorney for your specific situation.

The reality is that entertainment law is complex. It involves both state and federal law (and sometimes international law), and each situation generally involves multiple areas of law, such as business law, contract law, tax law, intellectual property law, employment/labor law, family law, and sometimes even trust & estates (estate planning law). Kennedy Art Law offers the experience and protection that you need to succeed in your creative pursuits. 

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