Utah Photography Business Tips Part 1

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NOTE - This post is not legal advice and does not create an attorney-client relationship.  Check out our Contact page if you would like to schedule a consultation with an attorney at Kennedy Art Law, P.C.

Utah photographers have the benefit of an incredible outdoor landscape in all four seasons, a robust family portrait industry from start to finish (engagements, weddings, baby showers, and family portraits -- an eternity of work), and a booming film and digital media industry for Utah's many popular creators and influencers on YouTube, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, and Instagram.

In the age of the internet, the Utah photography industry expands across state lines. Utah photographers are hired for destination weddings here and around the world. You participate in high fashion photography and fine art. You capture the fresh faces of models rising through the ranks through ties to Los Angeles and New York. Your work is licensed by small and big brands alike.

The major downside to the many benefits of technology is that it has become a lot easier for any hobby photographer to buy a nice camera, set up a cheap website, and call themselves a professional. As a result, the Utah photography market is saturated. If you want to make a career for yourself in the Utah photography industry, how do you set yourself apart?

You can start by acting like a professional. And to be professional, you should think about Utah photography law in business and IP strategy. Here are a few legal tips by your favorite Utah photography legal team, Kennedy Art Law:

  • USE CONTRACTS. Kennedy Art Law helps Utah photographers by preparing custom photography contracts for our clients' business model and specialty. Do your customers know whether or not you own your photos? Did you know that you may face potential legal liability as a wedding photographer or birth photographer for causing damage or injury at the event or messing up a "once in a lifetime" moment? Avoid a lawsuit and bad press by having a good contract in place. Learn more about our Contract Services here. 
  • REGISTER YOUR COPYRIGHTS. Kennedy Art Law helps Utah photographers by registering our clients' copyrights with the U.S. Copyright Office. Federal copyright registration gives Utah photographers advanced legal protection in pursuing claims against copyright infringers, and may allow you to recover statutory fines and attorney fees. Learn more about our Copyright Services here.
  • REGISTER YOUR BUSINESS.  Kennedy Art Law helps Utah photographers by helping our clients form their legal business entities. Registering a business entity with the Utah Department of Commerce can provide business owners with corporate liability protection in the event of a lawsuit. Learn more about our Business Solutions Services here.

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